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The Law Firm Garaventa Sommella, has been operating for many years in Genoa and is today one of the most qualified professional realities in the field of criminal law counselling and assistance in the region. Our excellence of performance is guaranteed by the dedication of our team who focus on a precise area of ​​law to offer clients the highest level of specialisation.

We offer a strong work-oriented approach, efficiency and multi-year experience in the practice of forensic law by our studio attorneys as well as our ability to modulate services on the basis of the concrete needs of clients. In particular, we aim to offer personal legal assistance on a client by client basis, identifying ad hoc strategies that depend on the nature and complexity of the case, the objectives highlighted by the client whether they are a private individual, business or institution.

We are proud to offer a range of legal services to suit your needs: the skills of our team include the provision of legal advice and advice in a preventive manner (ie for the purpose of carrying out an activity or operation in accordance with the law), assistance out of court for the good resolution of litigation and court assistance at every level.

Multi-year experience in criminal matters

All the members of Studio Garaventa Sommella of Genoa have long and proven experience in criminal matters and in various legal and legal assistance activities.
They deal with any offence and the defence of their clients, during criminal proceedings, both of accused persons and those offended by a criminality.
They also undertake to constantly refine their skills through intense study and training.

Qualified Professional Advocacy Team

Making our Studio one of the most referenced in Genoa in the field of Criminal Law Assistance is without a doubt down to our affiliated legal team who have a proven track record in managing the various cases in the spirit of mutual collaboration.
Our team is composed of the following professionals who are supported by a qualified secretarial team:
  • Avv. Nicoletta Garaventa
  • Avv. Paolo Sommella
  • Attorney Andrea Garaventa
  • Avv. Stefania Ligas
  • Dr. Giacomo Munari
  • Dr. Matteo Sommella
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